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{ Exploración de todo esto de "pensar" colaborativamente y "actuar" pensando antes y durante y después. Con herramientas, con evolución natural, sin hacer nada especial ... }

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Conflicts and Children

Here and here you can find two ways of dealing with a big conflict. Both deal with "debate". Well, I rather like Ming's writing about people being people.

I'd like to see more design. As there's enought critical and emotional thinking, I'd like to see more creative and positive thinking.

The rest of my life is probably shorter than a child's rest of his/her life. Let them do the talking. Let them chat over the internet, with nicknames so they don't see each other's faces. Let them design a future.

Children are underestimated.

2003-11-05 | 5 Comentarios

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De: Natalie Fecha: 2003-11-05 10:57

Si, eso es verdad, Lucas. I always believed children's logic and perceptions are underestimated. Why don't you pursue this theme in your search for solutions, for Bloggers Parliament?
And when are you going to send me your mini-biography and photo that I asked for in the group email? :-)
The momentum has to be kept up by everyone or we will fall into the ever-attractive arms of inertia!

Muchos saludos.

De: Vendell Fecha: 2003-11-05 16:34

I like those last words, as they unveil education´s best kept secret. On the other hand, could it be that children are underestimated but childhood is overestimated?

De: lgs Fecha: 2003-11-05 17:48

Natalie: I think I'd rather send a cartoon-like self-portrait (grin). Ok, ok ...

I've read a couple of stories about children's "thinking acomplishments". None with a lot of detail, unfortunately.

In one case it was with thinking tools. A thinking tool gives the user a way to work, but it's the person who does the working. A group of children used EdB's thinking tools for a school project, which was about redesigning their town's city-center. Their final report didn't show it had been thought out with "tools". Apparently, this report was read by a professor in architecture, who said most of his grown up students couldn't have those ideas at all. These students were 11 years old. It's not a first hand story but I tend to believe it.

The second story is also second hand, written by the teacher who wrote the "six lessons" (updated as "seven lessons"). In an interview, he talks about how poor, uneducated children get to do difficult math etc just by letting them learn the way they learn.

Just one quick note about my own text: by "positive thinking" I mean "constructive thinking", not "let-me-be-happy-by-fooling-myself thinking".

What I'd like to see is a "children design the world" conference.

If parental authorisation is a problem, then let's work with orphans. (Maybe this is too bald a provocation? Maybe. Take it as a starting point for better ideas. I will do the same.)

It may be time for another "conflict and children" story.

De: Natalie Fecha: 2003-11-06 10:50

Lucas, that's another great idea!

"What I'd like to see is a "children design the world" conference."

Please put that down in your Bloggers Parliament collection of solutions, under a relevant category of problem (probably No.10). And elaborate it a bit, describe how you visualise such a conference, what would the children be asked to do specifically, what kind of tools would they be given? And would adults have to be present? Etc.

This is just the kind of imaginative thinking I'm hoping that the Parliament will encourage.

De: Anónimo Fecha: 2003-11-07 03:50

I'd already written something here!

But you're right, this begs for more detail - perhaps I should "hat" my own idea.

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