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{ Exploración de todo esto de "pensar" colaborativamente y "actuar" pensando antes y durante y después. Con herramientas, con evolución natural, sin hacer nada especial ... }

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Inicio > Historias > Ming mentions the Bloggers' Parliament

Ming mentions the Bloggers' Parliament

Fleming Funch mentions "us" here.

So I guess we'll going to have to start working really fast now ;)

I'm readying an idea for Children. Tonight or in 48 hours maximum.

2003-11-11 | 3 Comentarios

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De: zigzag Fecha: 2003-11-18 22:41

Here is the comment I tried to post on Ming's weblog, in reply to your comment. For some reason my text submission was truncated. I mailed a copy of my comment to Natalie, in case this post fails as well.

Thank you "lugon"! ... for the opportunity to show how much "I dare" saying what I'd like to see happening ...

The Bloggers Parliament initiative starts off very well .. but:

1) I'm still doubtful about the fact that "solutions" are presented as something which can be found sort of "ready made"

2) I think point 7 of Natalie's Guidelines offers a more realistic case, in, where it includes the possibility for an idea to be presented as a would-be-solution

3) problems can be specified and classified ,,, by all means .. and that would help greatly in focussing (or scoping) a proposed solution

4) yes ... I think the emphasis should be on "proposing" solutions ... rather than on "finding" them

5) I see a "proposed solution" as a magic kick-off opportunity for sharing a motivation ... i.e.: a motivation for people who don't know each other ... who may speak different languages ... and belong to different cultures ... to get together and start "creating" a solution .. or I might even say ... "becoming" a solution ...

6) I strongly feel the "digital divide" is the most challenging problem .. I'd like to see listed by the BP .. it's a technology related problem which badly needs a "social" solution ..

Am I daring too much ???

All the best from zigzag (alias Luigi)

PS - I'm considering the possibility to contribute an Italian translation of the BP pages ..

De: lgs Fecha: 2003-11-19 01:17


Andrius of is working on "low bandwidth social connections".

Walkiria has translated the page into Spanish - please do the same for Italian!

I need to look carefully into your other points as I'm sure Natalie's proposal can itself be made just a little bit better - as can mine!!!!

Let's work on this and write down even better things, more appealing, more powerful, more realistic, more challenging ...

I understand N's insistence on "solutions", though. There maybe enough wishful thinking and nonsense being written on the web.

But there's also place for "beginning of ideas", as EdB would put it.

De: zigzag Fecha: 2003-11-19 20:08


I am very aware of the wishful thinking problem and, even more, I am aware of the growing communication problem between people "on the Web" and people "off the Web".

As a first approach to encouraging web based collaboration, I have started a working Wiki page, for a multingual presentation of the Parliament initiative: I'll be contributing to the Italian translation ... hoping it may help as a simple "web based action" example:

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