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{ Exploración de todo esto de "pensar" colaborativamente y "actuar" pensando antes y durante y después. Con herramientas, con evolución natural, sin hacer nada especial ... }

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Voces de la "manifa" y otras cosas

Dicen en El País que uno al menos de los manifestantes de Madrid dijo "no sé qué gritar". Otro habló de algo así como "nos jugamos la civilización".

Yo estoy entre los que creen que es la propia civilización la que es mejorable (pinchar varias veces da varias citas).

Every culture is a collection of individuals, and each individual has in his or her head a complete set of values, concepts, rules, and preferences that, taken together, constitute the building plans for that particular culture.


Something BETTER than civilization is waiting for us. Something much better--unless you're one of those rare individuals who just loves dragging stones.


What I've endeavored to say in all my books is that the flaw in our civilization isn't in the people, it's in the system. It's true that the system has been clanking along for ten thousand years, which is a long time in the time-scale of an individual life, but when viewed in the time-scale of human history, this episode isn't remarkable for its epic length but for its tragic brevity.


People will (ordinarily) put up with being miserable for only so long. It's not the quitters who are extraordinary and mysterious, it's we, who have somehow managed to persuade ourselves that we must persist in our misery whatever the cost and not abandon it even in the face of calamity.


It's almost impossible for one paradigm to imagine that there will even be a next one. The people of the Middle ages didn't think of themselves as being in the "middle" of anything at all. As far as they were concerned, the way they were living was the way people would be living till the end of time.


The greatest discovery any alien anthropologist could make about our culture is our overriding response to failure: If it didn't work last year, do it AGAIN this year (and if possible do it MORE).

Beyond Civilization

2004-03-12 | 2 Comentarios

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De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-03-13 00:27

Old minds think: If it didn't work last year, let's do MORE of it this year.

New minds think: If it didn't work last year, let's do something ELSE this year.

Beyond Civilization

De: lgs Fecha: 2004-03-13 00:31

No sé a qué le tenemos miedo. No sé cómo debemos responder. Creo que no hay planos para el futuro.

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