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{ Exploración de todo esto de "pensar" colaborativamente y "actuar" pensando antes y durante y después. Con herramientas, con evolución natural, sin hacer nada especial ... }

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Integrar la Iniciativa Cruda

Este mensaje está en el dominio público, así que lo puedo poner aquí de forma íntegra.

Resumen/comentario: si se premia a las ideas con éxito, entonces falta premiar e integrar la iniciativa cruda, los esbozos de ideas reutilizables y empujables libremente, la actividad de contribuir con nuestros cerebros (incluído el cerebro reptiliano, y no sólo el neocortex). Enlaces interesantes, además.


Andrius Kulikauskas
Fecha Miércoles, 22 de Enero, 2003 9:25 pmh
Asunto [thinkingpowerfully] Integrating Raw Initiative

I wish us to live in a culture that integrates all manner of raw initiative.

I am fortunate to live in a free economy that rewards initiative. However, rewards can only be given for deliverables, for finished items. I want us to live in a culture that welcomes the unpolished work, half-baked idea, muddled inspiration, incomplete project, open-ended scheme, impossible dream, chance encounter, upstart organization, unsolved problem, driftwood, mosaic tile, glass bead, magazine picture, underdog.

I want our culture to encourage us to share our initiative before we have found expression for it. I believe that our initiative itself is more valuable than any particular expression.

I will pursue three aspects through our Laboratory, Minciu Sodas,

A) Promote the placing of works-in-progress into the public domain, especially wikis, blogs, sites, so that we might all reuse our content in creative ways.

B) Jumpstart an economy for working openly that would allow works-in-progress to generate income and yield return.

C) Organize a division of labor by which each individual may focus on their own work-in-progress, yet make it available for others to use.

This year, as an Investigatorius, I will investigate that division of labor in both theory and practice. I hypothesize that the optimal division will reflect the ways that thinking organizes itself in general.

I will design a questionnaire "Do you think out loud?" to become aware of the issues involved. I will organize participants who offer thoughtful perspectives on how they think out loud. I will try to fit together our work so that we could support and encourage each other effortlessly.

I will turn to kindred organizations that their activity might effortlessly contribute to our commons of shared initiative. I think of Chaordic Commons, Creative Commons, ThinkCycle, Open Idea Project, Open Source Applications Foundation and all who want to fuel the ecosystem of initiative.

I will get funding to pump through our economy: non-commercial funding to assemble and demonstrate our system for integrating raw initiative, and commercial funding to fuel and harness that system so that it pays for itself.

I will win non-commercial funding to serve and hire our members of limited means and unfulfilled potential wherever they may be: Lithuania, Chicago, India and elsewhere.

I will win commercial funding to address or exploit the strategic problems of gigantic bureaucracies, most notably the European Union, but also large corporations. My aim is that we support ourselves by helping individual innovators (like Matt Mower, Shannon Clark, Peter Kaminski) connect with creative individuals within corporations.

I will produce a theory of organization for the purpose of clarifying the many roles that individuals may play to exercise their initiative, and how groups may contribute to cultures where such initiative gets channeled and propagated effortlessly.

These are my business objectives for the coming year at our laboratory.

I invite you to share your own that we might work together!


Andrius Kulikauskas
Minciu Sodas
+370 (5) 2645950
Vilnius, Lithuania

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